Riverside temporarily pauses collection on levy


TROY — Due to sound fiscal practices and a subsequent budget surplus, the Miami County Board of Developmental Disabilities, also known as Riverside, has opted to place a temporary pause on collections for one of its levies for the year 2024, according to a Riverside press release.

Riverside has two primary sources of local funding: a 1.7-mill continuing levy, and a 2.5-mill five-year levy. The pause is only being taken on the 1.7-mill levy. Riverside will continue collecting on the 2.5-mill five-year levy in 2024, and the 1.7-mill levy will begin collecting again in 2025.

“We felt it was the right thing to do by the taxpayers,” said Brian Green, Riverside superintendent, in the release. “Through careful stewardship, Riverside has been able to fulfill all our financial obligations. However, lower total expenses and higher revenues in recent years have resulted in a surplus for us. We are appreciative of the support of Miami County citizens, and we have no desire to tax them beyond our need.”

Riverside’s surplus is a result of higher revenue from increased residential construction in Miami County, meaning more homeowners paying property taxes, combined with lower expenses due to a workforce shortage in recent years, meaning there were not enough caregivers on which to spend funds to provide services.

“This is a one-time rollback only on the 1.7-mill levy during 2024 and we intend to collect on that levy in 2025. Our 2.5-mill five-year levy will remain in place throughout 2024,” Green said. “Most importantly, we want to clarify that our first priority is to the people we serve. This reduction will have no impact on any of the services and supports we provide.”

The reduction will save homeowners across the county an average of $33.98 annually per home valued at $100,000 and will reduce the amount collected by the Board in 2024 by approximately $4 million.

The Miami County Board of Developmental Disabilities, known locally as Riverside, serves more than 1,000 people of all ages in Miami County. Riverside’s mission is to empower people with developmental disabilities to live, work and play as full members of our community. The organization’s vision is to build a community that supports and values people of all abilities. Riverside coordinates and provides funding for services people need to live full lives. These services include in-home care, adult day services, job training and transportation.

These services are funded in part through local levy dollars and are delivered through a network of local provider agencies and independent caregivers. Riverside also directly provides case management, Early Intervention Services for children ages 0-3 with developmental delays through in-home services to help families stimulate development in communication skills, motor development, early learning skills and social-emotional development. Riverside also provides training for direct support staff to ensure the highest quality of care, as well as learning opportunities, recreational activities, Special Olympics programs and other valuable services.

There are many opportunities to get involved. For more information about Riverside, visit www.riversidedd.org or call 937-440-3000.

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