Roofs for Troops helps local veteran


TIPP CITY — DryTech Exteriors, through their Roofs for Troops program and partnership with Owens Corning Platinum Roofing’s Roof Deployment Project, completed a new roof for U.S. Army veteran Thadeu Holloway, of Tipp City, on Monday, Nov. 28.

Holloway has been in the U.S. Army since 2002 and has been deployed multiple times between 2004 and 2019. Alongside being a U.S. Army veteran, Holloway also serves as a Dayton Police officer. In September 2021, Holloway was shot in the head in the line of duty and is still suffering from the injury which has kept him from returning to work full-time.

The Owens Corning Roof Deployment project began in 2016 and has helped hundreds of veterans in need of new roofs since its beginning, including Holloway. DryTech Exteriors is a Dayton family-owned contractor through Owens Corning Platinum Roofing.

The programs run on a nominations system. Beginning in July 2022, DryTech Exteriors began accepting nominations of veterans that are deserving of new roofs. This year they received just around 100 nominations and made the decision to pick two veterans to help. The owners of DryTech Exteriors, Allie and Brad Hosler, do not make the decision alone. The company includes multiple veterans from different branches of the military to help them make the hard decision of which of the nominated veterans should receive a free roof.

“It’s the toughest decision in the world because you want to give a roof to everyone,” said Brad Hosler, co-owner of DryTech Exteriors.

Holloway’s roof materials were donated by Owens Corning Foundation and DryTech Exteriors donated time and labor. DryTech Exteriors had roofers at Holloway’s home in Tipp City on Monday from 8 a.m. to around 2 p.m. and finished the roof in one day with about 12 roofers working at one time.

The second veteran to receive a roof is Master Sergeant Lyndell Logan of Beavercreek. Logan has been in the U.S. Air Force since 2001, is still active duty and currently works as an instructor at Wright Patterson Air Force Base. Logan will be receiving his new roof on Thursday, Dec. 1, weather permitting, from the DryTech Exteriors Roofs for Troops Initiative.

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