Sectiona/District Bowling Roundup


DAYTON — The Troy boys bowling team and Tippecanoe’s Brenden Blacketer advanced on the the D-1 district Wednesday in the sectional tournament at Poelking-Woodman Lanes.


The Trojans finished with a 4,022 total to finish sixth.

Kyle Wickman rolled games of 222-215-197 for a 627 series and Ryan Kaiser had games of 202-236-181 for a 619 series.

Bryce Massingill had games of 140-196-215, Cooper Gerlach had games of 215 and 164 and Cooper Steiner added games of 193 and 184.


The Piqua boys bowling team finished 22nd with a 3,467 total.

Daulton Funderburg had games of 136-202-190 and Chase Wright had games of 178-154-184.

Dylan Jenkins had games of 182-157-168 and Jayden Miller rolled games of 152-193-160.

Austyn Potter added games of 130-154-124.


Tippecanoe boys bowling team finished 24th with a 3,330 total.

Blacketer advanced as an individual with games of 233-157-197 for a 597 series.

Hunter Herzog had games of 181-124-189 and Scott Lohnes rolled games of 154-176-157.

Connor Demange had games of 163-130-166, Hayden Sherwood had games of 150 and 120 and Lukas Heitbrink added a 139 game.


BEAVERCREEK — Two Bethel bowlers competed in the D-II district tournament at Beaver-Vu Lanes Wednesday.

Brayden Crase had games of 195-164 and 170 and Austin Blake had games of 191-162-105.



DAYTON — The Troy girls bowling team rolled to victory in the D-I sectional at Poelking-Woodman Lanes Thursday and Piqua’s Miranda Sweetman advanced as an individual to next week’s district tournament at Beaver-Vu.


The Lady Trojans won the team title with 4,036.

Northmont was second with 3,881.

Troy was led by Baylie Massingill, who finished second overall with games of 238-218-226 for a 682 series.

Aiyana Goldwin rolled games of 258-184-163 for a 605 series and Kiandra Smith had games of 201-223-180 for a 604 series.

Kristin Sedam bowled games of 145-178-150, McKinlee Gambrell shined with games of 191 and 201 and Libby Burghardt added a 147.


The Tippecanoe girls bowling team finished 20th overall with 2,774 total.

Jocelyn Gold had games of 140-128-139 and Alyssa Lundsford had games of 140-119-147.

Mary McCormick rolled games of 105-116-113, Morgan Wolbers had games of 126 and 114 and Marissa Hollon bowled games of 103 and 125.

Brynna Sears rolled a 108 game and Isabella Reynolds added a 104 game.


The Piqua girls bowling team finished 22nd with a 2,566 total.

Sweetman advance with games of 139-189-160 for a 488 series.

Audrianna Kendall had games of 124-133-99 and Allison Hicks rolled games of 132-112-110.

Adriana Emery bowled games of 127 and 101, Kaylee Eleyet rolled games of 107 and 91 and Macy Hall added 113 game.


BEAVERCREEK — Two Miami County bowlers competed in the D-II girls district tournament Tuesday at Beaver-Vu.

Bethel’s Kyleigh Thornton had games of 181-190-169 and Newton’s Breanna McClish had games of 108-141-129.

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