Should we build new schools?


To the editor:

I strongly disagree with building new schools and knocking down the old. However this is not from the point of view of the politicians this is the point of view of a student. I loved going to Heywood and I went there from kindergarten and up. I was upset to learn that they might knock down the old schools and build new ones. Now I understand that this would be a great new start and we would finally get AC in schools but these schools are pieces of history. My school Heywood was built in 1930 and is one of the oldest operating schools in Troy. This place has meant so much to me for the past 6 years and I would hate to see it torn down. I would love for there to be AC in the buildings but I don’t want the schools to be relocated and torn down. If we don’t have enough classrooms for all the students and teachers that is a completely different story. I noticed that over the years I have been in school that the number of classes per grade have changed. For example, when I was in kindergarten we had 3 kindergarten teachers. Then eventually it went to 2 then up to 4. The classroom sizes have also changed, some have gotten larger and some have shrunk. If it comes to needing new schools I would hope that we would not tear down the old schools. An option that is not tearing down the schools would be separating the grades. For example having one or two buildings for preschool through kindergarten and another for 1st and 2nd and another for 3rd and 4th and 5th. This also might cost less money than building and knocking down old buildings.

Thank you,

Eliana Roberts


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