Specialty cocktail bar opening soon in Piqua


By Amantha Garpiel

[email protected]

PIQUA — Piqua will soon be welcoming a new business to the downtown area, Liquid Lounge.

Owned by experienced bartenders Brittany Current and Ricky White along with their business partner Christen Butts, Liquid Lounge is looking forward to providing the community of Piqua with a new experience including multiple signature cocktails created by the owners.

The idea to start their own business came when Current realized she missed bartending. She chose Piqua due to a previous deal falling through in Sidney and finding a location at 125 W. Ash St., Piqua, which allows them to benefit from the DORA, Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area.

The owners feel like Liquid Lounge will set itself apart from the other bars in the area because of the cocktail lounge environment, as opposed to a typical bar, along with the unique drinks they are working hard to create for the community to enjoy.

Some of their specialty cocktails include a birthday cake martini, a Jack Daniels mixed cocktail they call the Honey Hole and a signature tequila cocktail with “electrifying dust.” They hope to create artistic cocktails with presentation such as edible glitter, edible flowers and the electric dust to entice their customers.

“Our whole atmosphere is different,” said Current.

“Our cocktails alone are different from most bars in Piqua,” said White.

While they will not have the capacity to serve their own food outside of bar snacks, Liquid Lounge hopes to be able to collaborate with other local restaurants and food trucks for specialty nights at the lounge. White and Current also plan to create various unique seasonal and specialty drinks to maintain the community’s interest and engagement. The business trio also hinted at potential collaborations with local bands for entertainment and local artists for decorating the lounge.

The trio hopes to be open for business by the end of June.

For information regarding collaborations with Liquid Lounge, email [email protected].

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