Springcreek Township partners with Spirit EMS


PIQUA — The Springcreek Township Board of Trustees has made a strategic decision to transition emergency services for their residents by entering into a new contract with Spirit EMS while ensuring the continuity of fire services for their constituents.

Beginning at 8 a.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 30, 2024, Spirit EMS will be entrusted with ambulance responsibilities throughout the township, and the Fletcher Fire Department will serve as the primary fire response entity.

“Based on months of attempted negotiations and discussions with the city of Piqua and researching options, we were forced to take immediate action to ensure that the safety and welfare of our residents were maintained,” the trustees stated in a press release. “Due to communications from the city of Piqua in late December, we had just days to confirm a workable solution to meet the needs of township residents.”

They commended the Fletcher Fire Department’s “good long-standing record of dedicated service” and noted Spirit EMS’s commendable performance in neighboring areas, underlined by “high praises and recommendations from many other private and government organizations.”

This proactive move follows a 93% proposed rate increase from $163,234 per year in 2023 to $315,833 per year in 2024 by the city of Piqua for fire and EMS services. The trustees, prioritizing not only the welfare of residents but also fiscal responsibility, determined the fee increase was not supported by data.

The trustees expressed their sincere gratitude to the city of Piqua for their past services, emphasizing that this change “in no way is a reflection of the services provided over the past several years.”

Spirit EMS President/CEO Brian K. Hathaway shared his enthusiasm for the positive collaboration with Springcreek Township, assuring a smooth and seamless transition.

“The elected officials of Springcreek Township are vested in making sure the change to Spirit EMS is one that comes with ease,” Hathaway said, in the release, highlighting the diligent efforts to coordinate with the Miami County Communications Center for prompt emergency dispatch.

Hathaway also noted Spirit EMS, a family-owned and operated organization, is well-equipped with a team of over 80 certified EMS professionals and a fleet of more than 40 state-licensed ambulances, ensuring a reliable and responsive on-duty ambulance service around the clock for Springcreek Township residents.

In 2023, Springcreek Township, covering 22.5-square-miles with a population of 2,144, experienced an average of 12 EMS calls per month, demonstrating the vital need for dependable emergency services, which the trustees are committed to providing through this new contractual relationship, said the release.

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