Successful Summer Lunch Buddy program


To the editor:

The Summer Lunch Buddy program had one of the most successful years ever thanks to the generous donations of the foundations, clubs, and businesses that sponsored us. The theme this year was “The Amazing Read” where students stamped their passports as they traveled around the globe to learn about other cultures.. Over 900 lunches were served throughout the program. Forty-four volunteers, the heart of our program, joined us to give students personal attention as they read books and ate lunch together. We would like to thank the Duke Foundation and Troy Foundation for being the financial backbone of this program. A huge thanks also goes to the amazing community support from: Elks International, Tropical Smoothie Cafe, Winans, Pam Bornhorst, Utrecht Law Offices, Keith and Lisa Bricker (Voss Honda), Scene 75, Altrusa International Foundation, Quality Landscaping, and Baird Funeral Home.

Some Quotes From Our Parents:

My child is English as a second language. My child does not understand all English yet. However, he enjoys going to the program every day. I think it was a meaningful time for my child. Thank you for providing such a wonderful opportunity!

This was something that my daughters could not wait to do everyday on their summer break. It’s educational and fun for the kids. It’s not school. They are not there all day, but they are still learning.

This program has been amazing for my daughter. Not only has she talked about making new friends this summer but she enjoys talking about reading and how much fun she’s had being there.

Some Quotes From Our Volunteers:

When being a reading buddy the child often reveals other deficiencies (days of the week, reading a clock dial, etc). It is really great to have opportunities to educate the “buddy;”

I am a former child from the program and am now a buddy. I know how the program impacted me as a reader and have also seen the impact on the children now. The kids are so excited to be there and learn which shows how much this program means to them and the community.

Kids really appreciate the time spent together. Reading, sharing exciting stories, and forming a bond with a community member are all great things that come from this program!

Summer Lunch Buddy Coordinators,

Annette Stine, Ruth Scott, Madi Hacker


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