Support Oda for re-election


To the editor:

I’ve had unique access into Robin’s tenure as mayor. It has been incredible to see her represent our city to citizens, visitors, companies and government officials.

Earlier this year I had the opportunity to go to a reception hosted by the Japanese Consul General in Detroit. There were 225 invitees among them being representatives from the State governments of Michigan and Ohio, various Mayors and city officials, businesses and organizations from around the states. The number of people who sought out Robin was shocking to me. Their comments range from “She’s a rockstar” (from the Consul General’s staff) to how well she represents Troy was incredible for me to hear. (Apparently many feel that way and I haven’t been paying attention, sorry Robin.) The next night there was a private dinner with the Consul General, I didn’t realize how private until we got there, it was just the four of us – the Consul General, Seiko his wife and the two of us. Seeing Robin shine in her conversation with them, discussing the amazing community we have and the opportunity for expansion of Japanese companies in Troy was fun to watch. Interestingly the conversation turned to how long Robin wants to be mayor and we discussed the election. The Consul General was genuinely shocked there would be opposition to Robin’s second term – and quite frankly I’m shocked as well.

It’s shocking to see the lies and bullying of Robin. Even more shocking is the silence of people who know the truth believing, I guess, the ends justify the means. I have seen Robin be nothing but gracious, kind and genuinely interested in people, their problems, our community and its success. Whether fighting to keep the tree lighting or meeting with Japanese dignitaries she has been true to her convictions. Her conviction of the rights of property owners has been the rallying cry for her defeat by the opposition. Her desire to uphold the rules of law established by this community and the State is being mocked by her opponents.

I’ve heard some confusion about the May 2 primary. I’ve had people tell me they will vote for Robin in November, not realizing that, despite Lutz’s source of campaign donations, he identifies as a Republican. This election will be decided on May 2. I encourage you to get out and show your support for Mayor Robin Oda and vote for her re-election.

Scott Oda


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