Vote Oda on May 2


To the editor:

The Troy mayoral election reminds me of the proverb “a man is known by the company he keeps.” What can we learn about the “company” Bill Lutz keeps from his financial report?

Over 40% of his contributions came from four sources.

Biggest contributor? The family of the attorney suing the City of Troy over the 1903 Oddfellow building. Interestingly, six weeks after receiving that contribution, Lutz (City Council meeting 10/31/22) lambasting the city for continuing the lawsuit. Doesn’t this reek of conflict of interest?

Next we find a prominent Democrat couple in Troy being the second largest donor. Shouldn’t we be deciding Democrat or Republican in November and not in a Republican primary?

Lutz’s third biggest “company he keeps” is literally a company, a non-Miami county corporation. Why would you make your contributions through a corporation unless you are trying to hide something? Maybe trying to hide additional Democrat monies? Exactly! That means two of his largest contributors are Democrat families.

Finally, Lutz’s fourth largest donor is a non-Miami County resident. Really?!? Not a single Republican Miami County resident (who isn’t suing the city) is among his top four contributors. Why? Like they say – follow the money. If you need to verify these numbers for yourself, go to:

If you’re wondering about Mayor Oda’s financial report, I find: $0 from Democrats, $0 from parties involved in the 1903 Oddfellow lawsuit – including contractors, $0 from corporations and 100% of her money coming from Miami County Republicans.

The loser of this election will not be on the November ballot, so I encourage you to vote for the only conservative Republican in this primary, Mayor Robin Oda on May 2.

Lydia Matthews


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