Support Paul Reece for Miami County Sheriff


To the editor:

The purpose of this letter is to offer a glimpse into the life of my husband, Paul Reece, who is a candidate for the position of Sheriff. Paul was a full-time deputy sheriff with the Miami County Sheriff’s Office when we married in 1993. We combined a family of five children and added one to bring it to six. In 1999, he joined the Army Reserves to fulfill his military obligation and pursue a college degree, as we couldn’t afford college with six children to take care of. Paul’s first deployment was to support Operation Enduring Freedom after the September 11 attacks. He continued to serve multiple mobilizations to several locations inside and outside the United States for the next 20 years. In 2022, Paul was forced to retire from the military after refusing to take the COVID-19 vaccine, which resulted in the loss of our health and life insurance and the promotion he had earned. Despite the challenges, Paul remained committed to his principles, and I stand proud of him.

Throughout our lives, Paul and I have persevered through numerous challenges, such as financial struggles, health issues, and disagreements. We have taken on the responsibilities of caring for aging parents and disabled siblings while also navigating the ups and downs of parenting our own children. Within our family, we have confronted the devastating impact of the opioid epidemic, including addiction and recovery. However, despite all of these obstacles, Paul has remained a steadfast and unwavering presence in our lives. He has reconnected with God, placed his faith in Him, and continues to strive to do more and do better. Paul believes in serving, protecting, and leading others. Paul has proven to be a leader who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way. I’ve noticed that Paul doesn’t believe in taking a leadership role as a means of control or micromanagement. In fact, he genuinely enjoys discussing ways to make the Miami County Sheriff’s Office a more fulfilling workplace. While he draws a lot of inspiration from his military background, he’s always mindful of the needs and aspirations of his colleagues, no matter what their role is. I’m convinced that if he’s elected Sheriff of Miami County, he’ll bring a level of dedication, commitment, and integrity that will be second to none. I’ll always be there to support him in any way I can.


Denise L. Reece


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