Vote Reece for Miami County Sheriff


To the editor:

I am writing this letter to support Paul Reece for Miami County Sheriff. Now more than ever every county needs a strong constitutional sheriff, who if the time comes, will stand between the citizens and anyone who threatens their rights. I can think of no one better than Paul Reece for that position.

With the current situation of our country, as a veteran of the US Army myself, I feel a military veteran would be best suited to run the Miami County Sheriff department.

Paul not only has 26 years of law enforcement experience, serving both Montgomery and Miami counties, he has also served 25 years in Military Law enforcement. Paul was a Special Agent with the Army Criminal Investigation Division. Paul was involved with all aspects of this Division, including threat assessment, terrorism and protection details for public officials including the Secretary of Defense. Throughout his military career Paul climbed the ranks from NCO to Warrant Officer.

I have known Paul for over 30 years, I actually was sitting at his dining room table the night he enlisted in the Army reserve back in 1999. He is an upstanding member of his community which he loves and supports.

The people of Miami County need honesty, transparency, someone who holds the values and morals of integrity. This person is Paul Reece.

I am no longer a resident of Miami county but if I was Paul Reece would have my vote.

Kieth Langston

Beckley, WV

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