Vote Paul Reece for Miami County Sheriff


To the editor:

I am 92 years old, and my husband, a retired Lieutenant Colonel, is 96 years old. We have lived a long and eventful life here in Miami County.

In my career as a court reporter, I have had the privilege of working for Judge Rodney Love and Judge Alan Braun. I have also had the honor of working for Dr. Richard Adams at the Upper Valley Joint Vocation School. Working for two elected officials has led me to multiple campaigns and election cycles. My experience has taught me the importance of character, commitment, and dedication. These qualities are essential in any leadership role, especially in the County Sheriff.

My son-in-law, Paul Reece, embodies these qualities and is running for Miami County Sheriff. Paul is an experienced and qualified leader committed to serving and protecting the Miami County community.

But there is more to Paul than his qualifications. He is a devoted husband to my daughter, Denise, and has always been there to support her, especially when it comes to caring for my youngest daughter, Becky.

Becky has Down syndrome and requires special care and support. Five years ago, it became evident that Becky needed more assistance with daily living. With Paul’s unwavering support, Denise found the ideal home for the three of them that allows Becky to live independently but with access to the supervision and care she needs. Paul’s commitment to Becky’s well-being is a testament to his character and dedication.

Paul and Becky share many common interests, including Harley Davidson motorcycles, Ohio State Football, Blue Bloods, good coffee and breakfast at Bob Evans. Paul always ensures that Becky is included in as many of these activities as possible, showing his kindness and thoughtfulness.

I wholeheartedly endorse Paul Reece for Miami Sheriff. With his proven experience, impressive qualifications, and unwavering character, he is the ideal candidate to lead Miami County in ensuring the safety of its residents. Paul is committed to serving and protecting the Miami County community, and I am confident he will be an excellent Miami Sheriff.

Verna L. Bitzow


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