THS alum completes Chicago video production company internship


TROY — Troy High School 2018 alumnus, Jacob Jergens, recently completed an internship with Ahptic Film and Digital, which is a video production company based in Chicago.

“My main role during my internship was assistant editor for a documentary that Ahptic is currently in production for. I also was able to assist on set for the documentary, as well as a few different commercial shoots,” said Jergens.

He was able to obtain this internship through his university, Ferris State University. According to Jergens, several other students have interned at Ahptic through Ferris State, and some Ferris State alumni work for the company.

Jergens’ older brother studied plastic engineering at Ferris State University and suggested the school and the program to him.

“When looking at colleges, I toured the college, and I found that the program I wanted to go to was a good fit, and I loved the campus,” said Jergens.

He dreams of working as a director of photography for film and television in the future. Until then, Jergens will keep working as a videographer and an editor as well as continuing to grow his skills.

“The internship has really helped me grow my skills in filmmaking. As an assistant editor, I was able to get even more familiar with the editing software I used and learn editing techniques I never knew before. While on set, I was able to learn to work together with other coworkers and how to use several important filmmaking equipment such as cameras, lighting, sliders, gimbals and jibs,” said Jergens.

As a recent college graduate entering the workforce, Jergens has some advice for high school students.

“… make sure it is the best fit for you. It’s a huge life decision, so you need to make sure that what you study, the location of the college, and what’s on campus works best for you. … Once you’re actually in college, be involved on campus. Join clubs and organizations. Be willing to learn and try new things,” said Jergens.

He advises those who are interested in the film industry to study film in college for the experience, technical skills learned, and learning how to work with others in that setting.

Jergens ended by saying, “I am extremely grateful to be able to have the internship opportunity. I’ve been creating videos and short films with my friends ever since I was young, and now that I’ve graduated from Ferris State University, I’m working full time with Ahptic in Chicago on bigger commercial projects and the documentary they are producing. My younger self would have never imagined that they would have gotten to this point. I am just eternally grateful to Ahptic and Ferris State University for helping me on my journey through this industry.”

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