Thursday/Friday Bowling Roundup


BEAVERCREEK — The Troy bowling team picked up a MVL win on the road Thursday at Beaver-Vu Lanes, topping Xenia 2,504-2,053.

Troy is 4-1 overall and 4-1 in the MVL, sharing the Miami Division lead with Piqua and Tippecanoe.

Bryce Massingill continued to stay hot, rolling games 237 and 259 for a 496 series to lead Troy.

Ryan Kaiser had games of 235 and 204 for a 439 series and Kyle Wickman rolled games of 244 and 182 for a 436 series.

Cooper Gerlach had games 196 and 201 and Cooper Steiner added games of 187 and 159.

Troy had baker games of 182 and 218.

Tippecanoe 2,124,

W. Carrollton 1,844

HUBER HEIGHTS — The Tippecanoe boys bowling team picked up a MVL win at Roll House Lanes Thursday.

Tipp improved to 5-1 overall and 4-1 in the MVL.

Hunter Herzog had a big night for the Red Devils.

He rolled games of 265 and 239 for a 504 series.

Brenden Blacketer had games of 191 and 194 and Conner DeMange rolled games of 150 and 180.

Hayden Sherwood rolled games of 154 and 167 and Lukas Heitbrink had games of 130 and 115.

Tipp rolled baker games of 145 and 194.


Butler 1,968

Piqua 1,916

VANDALIA — The Piqua boys bowling team lost a close match at Roll House in MVL action Friday.

Piqua dropped to 4-1 overall and 4-1 in the MVL.

Dylan Jenkins led Piqua with games of 179 and 176 and Jayden Miller had games of 177 and 176.

Austyn Potter rolled games of 198 and 133 and Chase Wright had games of 141 and 123.

Daulton Funderburg added games of 126 and 136.

Piqua had baker games of 202 and 150.



Troy 2,282

Xenia 1,626

BEAVERCREEK —The Troy girls bowling team remained the only unbeaten team in the MVL with a win at Beaver-Vu Lanes.

Troy is 5-0 overall and 5-0 in the MVL.

Kiandra Smith led the Trojans with games of 216 and 221 for a 437 series.

McKinlee Gambrell stepped up with games of 195 and 204 and Kristin Sedam had games of 214 and 165.

Aiyana Godwin had games of 186 and 191, Libby Burghardt rolled a 200 and Baylie Massingill added a 138 game.

Troy had baker games of 162 and 192.

Tippecanoe 1,433

W. Carrollton 1,177

HUBER HEIGHTS —The Tippecanoe girls bowling team got a MVL win at Roll House Thursday.

Tipp is 4-2 overall and 4-1 in the MVL.

Morgan Wolbers led Tipp with games of 183 and 144.

Amber Weldon had games of 112 and 128 and Isabella Reynolds had games of 103 and 96.

Jocelyn Gold rolled games of 100 and 97, Alyssa Lundsford had a 109 game and Marissa Hollen had a 94 game.

Tipp had baker games of 125 and 142.


Butler 2,040,

Piqua 1,503

VANDALIA — The Piqua girls bowling team dropped a MVL match at Roll House Friday.

Piqua is 4-1 overall and 4-1 in the MVL.

Allison Hicks led Piqua with games of 152 and 137 and Audrianna Kendall had games of 138 and 118.

Adriana Emery rolled games of 189 and 157 and Miranda Sweetman had games of 130 and 89.

Macy Hall rolled a 175 and Kaylee Eleyet added a 93.

Piqua had baker games of 111 and 114.

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