Tippecanoe wins MVL boys tennis title, Troy second, Piqua seventh


TROY — The Tippecanoe tennis team won its third straight MVL tennis title, having a nearly perfect day at Troy High School and Troy City Park on Wednesday.

The Red Devils scored 44 of a possible 45 points, while Troy was second with 38 points and Piqua was seventh with 21 points.

In the final league standings, Tipp won with 18 points, Troy was second with 16 points and Piqua was seventh with seven points.


Tippecanoe’s Kessler Hackenberger finished second, Troy’s Yasashi Masunaga finished third and Piqua’s Joshua Partee took fourth.

Hackenberger advanced to the title match by defeated Takuma Furukawa of Sidney 8-1 and Partee 8-3.

In the title match, he lost to Vandalia-Butler’s Juan De Dios Aguado 8-3.

Masunaga defeated Mason Pierri of Greenville 8-3, before losing to Aguado 8-4 in the semifinals.

He defeated Partee-3 in the third-place match.

Partee defeated Tristan Gulley of Fairborn 8-3, before losing to Hackenberger and Masunaga.


Nick Von Krosigk of Tippecanoe finished first, Kellan Nichols of Troy finished third and Phillip Rossman of Piqua finished eighth.

Von Krosigk defeated Rossman 8-0, Mason Middlestetter of Greenville 8-0 and Charlie Stiver of Vandalia-Butler 8-3 in the title match.

Nichols defeated Hayden Picarello of Fairborn 8-2, before losing to Stiver 8-0.

He rebounded with an 8-3 win over Middlestetter in the third-place match.

Rossman defeated Gus Arellano of West Carrollton 6-0, before losing to Von Krosigk.

He lost to Brady Hagan of Sidney 8-2 and lost to Picarello 8-4 in the seventh-place match.


Tippecanoe’s Cameron Davis finished first, Troy’s Michael Burns finished second and Piqua’s Seth Staley finished sixth.

Davis defeated Autumn Olson of Stebbins 8-0, Franky Herrera of Sidney 8-3 and Burns 8-1 in the title match.

Burns defeated Kaitlyn Combs of Greenville 8-0 and John Graham of Vandalia-Butler 8-4, before losing to Davis.

Staley lost to Franky Herrera of Sidney 8-3 and defeated Olson 8-1 before losing to Nathan Smith of Fairborn 8-5 in the fifth-place match.


Tippecanoe’s Ryan Hartke and Seth Nichols won, Troy’s Leo Gluck and Troy Whitehead finished second and Piqua’s Seth Foster and Ayden Black finished sixth.

Hartke and Nichols defeated West Carrollton 8-0 and Greenville 8-4, before toppin Gluck and Whitehead 8-3 in the title match.

Gluck and Whitehead had advanced to the title match by defeating Foster and Black 8-1 and Butler 8-6, before losing in the title match.

After losing to Gluck and Whitehead, Foster and Black defeated West Carrollton 8-2, before losing to Fairborn 8-2 in the fifth-place match.


Roman List and Grant Vonderheide of Tippecanoe finished first, Troy’s Adam Harris and Parth Rajput finished second and Piqua’s Lance Staley and Matthew Weiser finished fifth.

List and Vonderheide defeated West Carrollton 8-0 and Sindey 8-3 before topping Harris and Rajput 8-4 in the title match.

Harris and Rajput defeated Lance Staley and Weiser 8-3 and topped Greenville to advance to the title match.

Staley and Weiser defeated West Carrollton 8-2 and Fairborn 8-8 (2) to take fifth place.

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