Troy BOE discusses bullying policy


TROY — Members of the Troy City Schools Board of Education discussed the district’s bullying policy during their regularly scheduled meeting on Monday, March 13, in response to recent questions from community members.

“I’ve been approached by some community members, and other people, asking if we can please make sure to make our bullying policy more well-known and defined so that people have access to it, and so they’re aware of what to do if they have concerns,” Board member Theresa Packard said.

The district’s bullying policy, and accompanying administrative guidelines, can be found on the district’s website at

“I would recommend people look at both those things,” Superintendent Chris Piper said.

“It’s a very comprehensive bullying and aggressive behavior policy,” Piper said. “I would recommend that people read the policy, because bullying has a pretty clear definition.”

“There’s a difference between one-time behaviors versus bullying,” he said.

The bullying policy is also referenced in student handbooks, Piper said, and the district also publishes information on the number of bullying cases reported.

“We are required by law to post semi-annually how many bullying and harassment cases there are in our schools,” he said. “Every six months, those also get added to the website.”

In other business, board members went on to approve tax rates for 2023 and changes to the 2023-2024 Troy High School Plans for Learning. Board members also saw a presentation by Cookson Elementary School Student Council and Recycling Club members.

“I brought two groups tonight, because they are just so excited about what they do, and enthusiastic about what they do,” Cookson Elementary School Principal Virginia Potter said.

“Student council helps around our school building in many ways,” Cookson Student Council President Taylor Tasker said. “We volunteer to help with Teacher Appreciation Days; we run game stations at family game night and we host fundraisers for local non-profit organizations.”

“Most recently, we did a Valentine’s Day project,” Cookson Student Council Vice-President Ashlyn Blaire said.

Students made approximately 200 individual Valentines, which student council members delivered to the Troy Senior Citizens Center.

“It made us feel happy to see the people there smile,” Blaire said. “We got to talk to some of them and hear their stories. We even received a thank-you card in the mail.”

Cookson Recycling Club members Matthew Scalice and Logan Perkins also addressed the board. Recycling club members are responsible for gathering recyclables from each classroom in the building.

“I’m there every week,” Scalice said. “Every Friday, after lunch.”

“The kids really do enjoy it,” Cookson Fifth Grade Teacher James Cannell said. “Matthew himself founded this club last year; he got the grant and everything, it was all through him.”

The Recycling Club now includes approximately 20 students.

“From what I’ve gathered, it’s one of a kind,” Cannell said.

Board members also officially congratulated Upper Valley Career Center Interactive Media Program student Claire Brown, who recently won the National Skills U.S.A. T-Shirt Design Contest.

“Her shirt is being sold as a fundraiser across the country,” Board member Levi Fox said. “Claire won $100, and the Career Center won $500.”

Board members also approved monthly donations of $30,690 for March.

“It is scholarship season,” Piper said. “The high school is in full-swing, getting these dollars to our college students to be, and making sure they’re put to good use.”

Board members also discussed the district’s need for additional coaches, due to an exceptionally large group of students participating in track.

“There’s over 300 kids running track this year,” Director of Human Resources Mark Barhorst said.

“We’ve got some ratios that we try to follow,” he said. “It’s different for different sports. With track, you can have one person supervise a lot of people, but it takes a lot of coaches to keep an eye on 300 kids.”

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