Troy BOE recognizes retirees; Five-year forecast approved 4-1


By Jordan Green

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TROY — The Troy Board of Education met Monday, May 9, for their regular monthly meeting.

The meeting began with a presentation by Director of Human Resources, Mark Barhorst, to honor district employees who have recently retired or will at the end of the current school year.

Retirees include Concord educational aide Julianne Thompson, Troy High School custodian Tana Bowen, food service delivery and maintenance technician Doyle Holfinger, THS library clerk Tammy Starry, THS educational aide Jackie Morris, Cookson Elementary grades 4 and 5 teacher Kathleen Adkins, THS translator Izumi Allen, maintenance technician Paul “Dave” Deaton, Forest Elementary kitchen manager Brenda Douglas, THS educational aide Deb Driffis, Troy Online Academy teacher Lorraine Henn, Laura McConnell, Troy music teacher and former assistant band director Kathy McIntosh, Junior High educational aide Sharon Rawers, and educational assistant and study hall monitor Mary Rike.

Retirees attended with friends and family to be honored at the meeting and were presented with a gift by the Board of Education.

In other business, the board approved the awarding of 326 diplomas to graduating Troy High School students in preparation for graduation on May 26.

The treasurer’s report included a five-year financial forecast that was approved by a vote of 4-1 with Board Member Levi Fox voting no. Fox expressed concern at the increasing expenditures coupled with little to no growth in revenue in the later years of the forecast.

“That’s typical. State budget only budgets for two years at a time. Federal government only budgets for three months. There is no guarantee. We have to apply for those funds every year … We project for worst case scenario expense wise and a conservative scenario revenue wise,” said Treasurer Jeff Price.

Price also noted a factor of the increasing expenses is the one-to-one computer to student ratio implemented during the COVID related lockdowns. The funding previously coming from the federal government for those computers will roll back resulting in an increased expense for the district.

The board also approved a resolution to allow the Southwestern Ohio Educational Purchasing Council to receive bids on and purchase three school buses on behalf of the Troy Board of Education.

“Part of this is going to be covered with state dollars. We had an application that allotted $45,000 per unit so $135,000 to offset the cost. It is designed to help get the older buses off the road,” said Price.

The board also approved a resolution to authorize and approve an agreement with the Miami County Educational Service Center. As a district with an enrollment below 16,000 the agreement is mandated by Ohio Revised Code. The Miami County ESC provides services such as professional development, technology, and maximizing the use of school funds.

No members of the public spoke at Monday’s meeting. The board adjourned to executive session, and no further action was taken.

The next Troy Board of Education meeting is Monday, June 13 at 5:30 p.m. at the Board of Education office.

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