Troy First United Methodist Church plans Christmas Cookie Shoppe


TROY — Members of the Troy First United Methodist Church’s Women in Faith organization will hold their annual Christmas Cookie Shoppe on Saturday, Dec. 3, at the First Place Christian Center on West Franklin Street.

“It used to be yearly, until COVID,” Women in Faith president Diana Shellenberger said. “We haven’t done it since 2019, but it is an annual event.”

The Cookie Shoppe will offer a wide variety of homemade Christmas cookies along with other holiday favorites.

“Members bring in donations,” Shellenberger said, “so there’s all types of Christmas cookies and candies; caramel corn, fudge, peanut brittle.”

“There are decorated sugar cookies,” she said. “We’ve already made over 400 of those.”

The Cookie Shoppe will be held from 9 a.m. to noon on Saturday, Dec. 3, at the First Place Christian Center, 16 W. Franklin St.

“Basically, we give them a set of gloves and a box, and they go around and fill their box,” Shellenberger said. “We weigh the box, and that’s how they pay.”

“We have trays of cookies; you walk around to the different tables and gather what kind you want,” she said. “You can come and get a wide variety of cookies, instead of baking them yourself.”

The Cookie Shoppe serves as a fundraiser to help support the church’s local missions. “All proceeds go to support 12 different local missions,” Shellenberger said.

More information can be found online at The First United Methodist Church is also preparing for its annual Christmas Pie Sale, which will offer 9-inch pies for $12 or $13 each. Pies can be ordered by calling the church office at 937-335-2826. All pie orders must be received by Dec. 11.

“We have 12 different pies,” Shellenberger said. “They are $12 each; pecan pies are $13.”

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