Troy High School receives Ohio’s third-highest growth index score


TROY – Out of 3,096 schools in the state of Ohio, Troy High School posted the third-highest growth index score on the Ohio Department of Education’s (ODE) annual state report card, which was released last week.

Growth index is a measure of a school’s improvement over previous years. According to the ODE website, “the growth index can include several years of growth data and helps determine the certainty that the expected growth did happen or that there was a shortfall in expected growth.”

According to ODE, a school must record a score of 2.0 or higher to earn five stars, the highest on ODE’s 1-5 star scale. Troy High School recorded a growth index score of 23.0, trailing only Upper Arlington High School (28.15) and Perrysburg High School (24.06).

“When I first saw that we received a 23 on overall composite for growth index on the recent report card, I realized it was the highest growth index that I could remember,” Troy High School principal Dave Dilbone said. “That caused me to dig a little deeper into the data to see how we compared with other buildings across the state. It was then that I realized that Troy High School had the third-highest growth index for a school building in the state of Ohio. That means that our students showed more academic growth than 3,096 buildings and places us in the top 0.1% of all school buildings.”

Dilbone said the score was a reflection of the hard work the high school staff members are putting in every day.

“I couldn’t be happier with these results,” Dilbone said. “It shows that the work our teachers and staff are doing each and every day at Troy High School is making a significant difference in the growth of our students. We have been very strategic in our approach in recent years to help provide the appropriate supports for all of our students. I’m very proud of the Trojan family at Troy High School and extremely pleased that we can celebrate this success.”

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