Troy Police Department reports

Information filed by the Troy Police Department:

Jan. 5

FRAUD: A resident in the 900 block of Linwood Drive reported accounts being opened in his name over the last year.

THEFT: A theft was reported in the 800 block of Washington Street.

FRAUD: A report of fraud was investigated at Greenville Federal Bank.

BUS ISSUE: Karen Wyrick, 63, of Troy, was cited for running active school bus stoplights in the area of 11 North Market Street.

POSSESSION: Evan Bryant, 18, of Troy, was charged with possession of marijuana following a traffic stop in the area of West Market and Park Avenue.

THEFT: Timothy Smith, 39, of Sheffield Lake, was charged with theft from West Main Street Shell station.

Jan. 6

DISORDERLY: An officer responded to Clopay Building Products for a disorderly male under the influence of an unknown narcotic. Charges pending lab results from seized evidence.

OVERDOSE: A subject was reported to overdose in the area of West Main and Adams Street. Medics administered Narcan and transported him to the hospital. Jesse Kirby, 54, of Troy, was charged with inducing panic after admitting to injecting fentanyl.

POSSESSION: An officer arrested Angel Kooken, 37, of Troy, for a warrant at the Budget Inn. Kooken was also charged with possession of drugs.

MAIL GONE: A report of mail missing from the 900 block of Linwood Drive was filed.

Jan 7.

BUI: An officer observed a subject riding a bike on the sidewalk and did not have lights on the front and back of the bike. The subject also appeared to be under the influence of narcotics. The subject consented to be searched and two syringes were located on their person. James Perry, 19, of Troy, cited for possession of drug abuse instruments.

PUBLIC INDECENCY: Officers were dispatched to the area of Wayne and South Ridge in reference to a subject following around in the roadway without pants. Nicholas Poland, 49, of Troy, was located and attempted to fight with officers. Polland was detained and transported to UVMC for medical treatment. Poland was charged with assault, public indecency, and disorderly conduct.

TRESPASS: Juan Soto, 40, of Troy, was charged with criminal trespass from the Stouder Center.

SCHOOL BUS: An officer responded to the area of Concord Elementary for a reckless operation complaint. Kelli Szakal, 39, of Troy, was cited for passing school bus.