Troy Police Department swears in new officer


By Sam Wildow

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TROY — The Troy Police Department welcomed a new member to the department after a swearing-in ceremony was held for officer Phillip S. Koewler.

Koewler, 25, is from Vandalia. He graduated from Vandalia-Butler before he later graduated from Bowling Green State University with a degree in criminal justice and a minor in political science. Koewler also graduated from Owens Community College Police Academy with an associate’s degree in professional law enforcement, and he has also worked as a U.S. Army civil affairs specialist.

Troy Mayor Robin Oda led the ceremony held Thursday in council chambers at City Hall, during which Koewler swore to support the U.S. Constitution and the Constitution of the State of Ohio, as well as to “faithfully, honestly, and impartially” fulfill his duties as a police officer for the Troy Police Department.

Chief of Police Shawn McKinney of the Troy Police Department welcomed Koewler to the department, saying that being a police officer is “a great profession to get into.”

“I want to commend you for making that decision to become a police officer and serve the public,” McKinney said.

When asked what made Koewler decide he wanted to become a police officer, he said, “It’s the people, regardless of where they’re at.” He added, “The people really remind you why you do this job.”

Oda and McKinney, following the ceremony, said they were excited to have Koewler join the department.

“It’s always exciting to fill a position,” Oda said. “He comes with a lot of good qualifications.”

The Troy Police Department currently has four other open positions. For more information about the Troy Police Department and employment opportunities, visit

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