Troy welcomes Pedego Electric Bikes


TROY — Pedego Electric Bikes in Troy, has brought a new way for citizens to get outside and stay active in the city of Troy. The business recently opened on July 22, 2022.

Owned by life-long Troy citizen Linda Brewer and operated her son Brian Brewer, alongside Leslie Patterson, Pedego offers various styles of electric bikes for purchase or rental. Their main goals for their customers are safety, comfort and fun. To keep their customers safe, Pedego offers riders the use of multiple different safety additions when renting one of their bikes. Their rentals always include a helmet if needed, saddle bags for the bikes to safely carry items while riding and a lock which is insured so that if a lock is cut and a bike stolen, the insurance will replace the bike provided it was locked up properly.

Pedego also offers mobile communications devices to allow riders to communicate while riding without yelling at one another and also keeping their ears uncovered to hear their surroundings and stay safe while riding. Since comfort is one of the main goals of Pedego, they make sure to find each customer a bike that fits their needs. They also offer different seat styles to cater to anyone who might come in to buy or rent one of their bikes.

“We have a bike to fit everybody’s needs,” said Brian Brewer.

Currently, the bikes are available to rent by going online, visiting the store located at 225 E. Main St. or by calling the store at 937-552-9060. Pedego Electric Bikes is open Tuesday through Thursday from noon to 6 p.m., from noon to 5 p.m. on Fridays and 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturdays. The store is closed on Sundays and Mondays.

Renting a bike is easiest when done online, customers are able to browse the whole inventory of Pedego Electric Bikes in Troy and different dates and times each bike is available to rent. Rentals require a minimum of two hours and vary in price. A two hour rental costs $50, a four hour rental costs $60, eight hours or a one day rental costs $100. Pedego in Troy also offers multi-day rentals with a 10% discount. For multi-day rentals, customers are welcome to take the bikes anywhere, including leaving the city of Troy. Should a renter decide they would like to purchase the bike, whatever has been paid for rental will be put towards the customer’s purchase.

Brian Brewer mentioned potential expansions in the near future that would include rental stations around the city and even providing bikes to the bed and breakfasts in Troy for their guests to rent, giving them an extra activity for their guests to do and spreading the word of the fun Pedego has to offer the city and its visitors.

Also to let the city know what Pedego Electric Bikes are like, Pedego in Troy offer “joy rides” or test rides for customers. Their test rides include a small lesson on the bikes and a free one hour test ride which can be done alone or with the employees.

Just in time for the holidays, Linda and Brian have stocked Pedego with cycling accessories such as helmets, locks, mirrors, lights and more that are “the perfect stocking stuffers” according to Brian Brewer. They also offer gift cards that can be used towards a rental or accessories.

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