Tuesday/Wednesday Bowling Roundup


PIQUA — The Troy boys bowling team split two matches this week.

On Wednesday, Troy dropped out of first place with a 2,332-2,225 loss to Sidney.

The Trojans are now 8-2 overall and 8-2 in the MVL and trail Vandalia-Butler and Sidney by a game.

Troy got a 2,120-1,780 win over Piqua at Breakpoint Entertainment Tuesday.

Piqua is now 4-5 overall and 4-5 in the MVL.

Ryan Kaiser led Piqua with games of 194 and 181, while Rusty Kinstle rolled games of 168 and 165.

Ethan Blanchard rolled games of 193 and 129.

Bryce Massingill rolled a 211, Cooper Steiner bowled a 203, Cooper Gerlach had a 172 and Kyle Wickman bowled a 148.

Troy had baker games of 165 and 191.

Austyn Potter led Piqua with games of 163 and 161 and Chase Wright bowled games of 148 and 145.

Dylan Jenkins rolled games of 121 and 172 and Jayden Miller had games of 139 and 152.

Daulton Funderburg rolled games of 193 and 185.

Piqua bowled baker games of 125 and 176.

Greenville 2091,

Tippecanoe 1,834

UNION CITY — The Tippecanoe boys bowling team dropped a MVL match with Greenville Wednesday.

Tipp is 6-5 overall and 5-5 in the MVL.

Hunter Herzog led Tipp with games of 162 and 190 and Conner Demange rolled games of 163 and 167.

Brenden Blacketer rolled games of 114 and 180 and Hayden Sherwood had games of 186 and 134.

Lukas Heitbrink rolled a 112 and Scott Lohnes had a 111 game.

Tipp had baker games of 145 and 140.


Troy 2.034.

Sidney 1,566

Troy 1,984,

Piqua 1,401

PIQUA — The Troy girls bowling team remained unbeaten with two wins this week.

Troy is 10-0 overall and 1o-0 in the MVL and Piqua is 7-2 overall and 7-2 in the MVL.

Against Piqua at Breakpoint Entertainment Tuesday, Aiyana Godwin rolled games of 235 and 139 to lead Troy.

Baylie Massingill had games of 173 and 174 and Kiandra Smith rolled games of 194 and 137.

Libby Burghardt rolled games of 144 and 149 and Kristin Sedam added games of 142 and 144.

Troy had baker games of 140 and 213.

Piqua was led by Miranda Sweetman with games of 148 and 152 and Audrianna Kendall rolled games of 126 and 132.

Macy Hall had games of 92 and 100 and Kaylee Eleyet rolled games of 83 and 85.

Adriana Emery rolled a 137 and Allison Hicks added a 101.

Piqua had baker games of 134 and 111.

Against Sidney on Wednesday at Troy Bowl, Smith led Troy with games of 180 and 219.

Massingill rolled games of 223 and 174 and Goldwin had games of 199 and 176.

Sedam had games of 130 and 123, Burghardt rolled a 153 and Gambrell added 106.

Troy had baker games of 189 and 162.

Tippecanoe 1,654,

Greenville 1,425

UNION CITY — The Tippecanoe girls bowling team improved to 6-5 overall and 6-4 in the MVL.

Marissa Hollen led Tipp with games of 153 and 168.

Morgan Wolbers had games of 157 and 124 and Jocelyn Gold had games of 133 and 141.

Amber Welden had games of 132 and 133, Alyssa Lundsford rolled a 161 and Mary McCormick added a 112 game.

Tipp had baker games of 121 and 119.

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