Vote for Lutz for mayor


To the editor:

I have known Bill Lutz since he was around 13 years old, Even then he used to tell me that he would like to be Mayor of Troy. He would say that he could do a lot for the city and the citizens of Troy. I told him he should go for it, if that is what he wanted.

He studied hard in school and collage and became an outstanding man, that his father would be very proud of. Bill has always had a love for Troy and the people of Troy and dedicated his life to helping people that were down and out. The only other person and friend that I had, that felt this way was Pete Jenkins.

We all have our flaws, but some dedicate their lives to helping others. These are outstanding people that we should all try to help get ahead. We will all benefit in the end.

Corby L Enochs Sr.


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