Vote for Lutz for Troy mayor


To the editor:

I’m part of a Wednesday coffee group made up of women who live in the South West Historic District of Troy, Ohio. We share a love of Troy and our beautiful neighborhood.

We’re all civically active, participating in a wide array of activities, many of which support downtown Troy.

We are writing this letter to the Editor to endorse William Lutz, running for Mayor of Troy in the upcoming Primary Election on Tuesday, May 2.

Living in historic homes, as well as close to our lovely downtown, we have concerns about the City’s commitment to the intrinsic value and character of our homes, as an integral part of the community.

We also have concerns about the City’s commitment to honoring the historic significance of the buildings around the square. We believe that Mr. Lutz understands and supports our concerns, and will work to maintain that historic character.

We believe that our next mayor should have the education and experience to lead our City forward. A few of Mr. Lutz’ credentials:

• Executive Director of New Path;

• Former Bethel Twp Administrator;

• Former Planner, City of Troy;

• Graduated from Troy High School;

• A Master’s Degree in Public Administration from Wright State University.

Please remember to vote on Tuesday, May 2.

Diane L. Miley


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