Vote for Paul Reece


To the editor:

Paul Reece is what Miami County needs more of. Paul is a dedicated, honest Christian man. He is not part of the political sphere that controls our county, state and country. Paul is a man of his word and will go out of his way to work with and help a person in need. Paul is not a man to boast about his qualifications and or accomplishments even though he has worked law enforcement and investigation units for some of the highest people in Government. I know Paul personally and professionally and he would be a great asset to Miami County and its citizens.

Paul has served as a Deputy Sheriff for over 26 years and knows what it takes to get the job done yet do it in a manner that works for the community. Paul has 25 years combined service time between time served in the Army and Air Forces. He is a man who is not afraid to buck the system when its headed in the wrong direction if change is needed. I personally know that he bucked the system when the Govt tried to enforce mass inoculation of military personnel. Paul stood his ground for what he believed. He is not a do as I say man, more like a do as I do person.

Paul is more than qualified to immediately take over as your sheriff. He will stand for what is right and I know personally will give 110 percent for the citizens of Miami County. Paul loves God and this country. I know because I have seen him in action.

Wayne Pope


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