Vote for Tipp City Schools bond issue


To the editor:

Dear Editor,

I am writing this today to say that I will be voting for the upcoming bond issue for Tipp City Schools. My family moved to Tipp City in 1997 from Centerville so that our children could attend Tipp City Schools. My husband is a 1983 graduate from Tipp, and he convinced me this would be a good move for our family. After settling in I did find this town to be one of family values, traditions and perseverance. I was also very pleased when our children started attending Tipp City Schools and I saw that this community valued education as much as I do. In 2005 I became the director of Main Street Preschool and was delighted to see other young families make the same choice as we did and moved to Tipp City so that their children could attend our schools. This is why I feel it is so very important for our community to support the upcoming bond issue by voting FOR Tipp City Schools on Tuesday, March 19.

Investing in our schools means fostering a better learning and working environment for the students and staff. The lack of air conditioning in many buildings creates an inhospitable environment that can hinder a child’s learning experience. Propping doors open to help with air circulation creates a safety risk. Sadly, we live in a world where schools must be secure at all

times and must be able to accommodate a lockdown. These buildings are not safe for the students or staff. Investing in our schools means giving our students and teachers access to better technology. These buildings are not equipped to handle advancements in technology. Bringing the latest technology to our schools will keep Tipp City at the forefront of education.

Tipp City is a community that looks out for its residents. If we knew of someone in our town who was living in a home that was unsafe, we would band together in a heartbeat to help them. So why aren’t we extending the same care and consideration to our schools? Passing the bond issue is our chance to further that tradition of excellence that we, as a community, have embedded in the foundation of our town.


Suzanne Collins, Director

Main Street Preschool

Tipp City

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