Vote Oda for mayor on May 2


To the editor:

“The blessing that rests on the righteous releases strength and favor to the entire city… The blessing of favor resting upon the righteous influences a city to lift it higher…” Proverbs 11:10-11 TPT

As one who was born here in Troy, a resident for almost 10 years now, and especially as a Christian, I can fully attest that the above Truth from the Bible is fully displayed and evident in our city. Due to Mayor Oda’s leadership, Troy continues to be strengthened, favored, and lifted higher.

We must keep her in office!

IN SPITE of all that’s happened since Robin Oda was sworn in as Mayor in early 2020, we continue to prosper, grow, strengthen, and have favor all across the board. Representing our city, Mayor Robin has already faced many challenges with tornadoes, CoronaVirus, twists and turns with street renovations, building disputes, and so on. Living here on West Main Street, we see and hear much. Friends, family, and visitors all comment on how they appreciate all Troy has to offer, the welcoming heart of our city, and the overall atmosphere of beauty and joy. My husband and I, our children, grands, and the House Church that meets in our home — we have ALL benefitted from the excellent and effectual mayoral leadership of Mrs. Robin Oda.

Mayor Robin represents us well.

Her choices prove wise. Her attitude is purposeful and positive. Her love for the people of our city is obvious. The very real blessing that rests on her refreshes us ALL. May God keep right on blessing our mayor! May God keep on blessing our city!

Vote with us for Mayor Robin Oda on May 2nd!

Tracy and Tim Artz


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