Vote Reece for Sheriff


To the editor:

I am writing to you about the upcoming Miami County Sheriff’s race and why Paul Reece is the best candidate for the job.

I have known Paul and his family for many years. He is someone who cares deeply about the people of Miami County and knows how to connect with people from all walks of life – better yet, he cares about them.

In addition to having an impressive law enforcement background and a military background that is remarkable, Paul is a good person. Sometimes you have to look beyond all of the achievements and the skills a candidate brings to the table and believe me – he has plenty of those – and look at who they are as a person.

Simply put, Paul is a good man. Paul is a man who loves his wife and family as well as his friends and they love and support him.

Paul is a person who is there for people, who hears about a veteran going through a tough time or a friend needing help or a stranger who needs a friend and he will respond, no matter how busy he may be.

Paul is someone who does not lose focus when he is working toward a goal and whose honesty is without question. He is steady in difficult situations and he is the man who will get in the trenches with his team and work just as hard as he asks them to do. He will not just sit in an office and give out orders. He is one who will be right out there working also. He believes in setting a good example and people respond to that.

Paul Reece is a Godly man. He is one who lives what he believes. It is not simply talk to him. It is a way of life. I have seen that firsthand.

If you are looking for a Miami County Sheriff who can lead effectively, who will not lose focus, who cares deeply about the people of Miami County, Paul Reece is your man. Paul’s honesty, caring, love for his family, friends, Country, and most importantly, God, makes it easy for me to ask for your vote for Paul Reece. You will not regret it. Please vote Paul Reece for Miami County Sheriff on March 19th.

Thank you,

Kathleen Leese


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