Vote Republican on Nov. 8


To the editor:

The Democratic policies are causing real reductions in most American’s standards of living due to causing out of control inflation. The only way to end the bad policies is to vote the Democrats out of office.

The cause of uncontrolled inflation is Democrats shutting down domestic oil production when they came to power two years ago in a knee-jerk effort to stop the use of fossil fuels in America. Since gas prices went up, many industries that use gas charge more for their products. The Democrats forced America to rely on foreign oil for gasoline which is more expensive. This makes no sense.

The Democrats are raising interest rates to slow inflation. Low interest rates did not cause the inflation (raising gas prices caused the inflation). The Democrats raising interest rates makes everything more expensive increasing inflation. This makes no sense.

In the 8 November election, vote for J.D. Vance for Senate. The Democrat running against him has a dismal voting record supporting all of Speaker Pelosi’s ideas. If you vote for a Democrat for Senate, the Democrats will have majority control of the Senate with the freedom to “double down” on their failed policies – for example: gas prices, interest rates, and inflation will keep going up at an alarming rate. Help return the Senate to the Republicans by voting for J.D. Vance.

The Democrats control the House of Representatives. Locally, the Congressional Districts have changed for the 8 November election. We are now in the 15th District. Congressman Warren Davidson is no longer our representative due to the re-districting (you will not find his name on the ballot). Vote for Congressman Mike Carey. He is a Republican and when elected will help shape the future in the House of Representatives for real progress on controlling inflation and lowering interest rates.

Inflation is cruel to all Americans, and this was caused by the policies of the Democrats. Please remember just two years ago – low inflation and low interest rates with the Republicans in charge. You may be asking yourself what happened. The Democrats came to power, and they went in the wrong direction on just about every policy. Democrat Party policies have caused grief to all Americans. Americans cannot afford the Democrats.

Remember: “Help is on the Way” if we all vote for the Republican candidates on 8 November 2022.

Gary M. Koenig


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