Weekend Track Roundup


TROTWOOD — The Troy girls track and field team won the Trotwood Relays and Miami East finished fifth.

The Troy boys finished second and Miami East was third.

Winning for the Troy girls were the 3,2o0 relay (Emma Kennett, Kiley Kitta, Renee Kovacs, Millie Peltier), 10:24.85; the 4,000 distance medley (Kennett, Peltier, Kylee Snider, Kovacs), 13:52.36; the shot put (Madison Harkins, Kiyah Baker, Alexis Caplinger); the high jump (Josie Kleinhenz, Trinity Hurd, Sophie Floyd) and the pole vault (Sophie Fong, Hannah Duff, Alyssa Kern).

In the pole vault, Fong had the best vault of 12-0.

In the shot put, Harkins had the best put of 33-2 and Baker had second best put of 32-9.

In the high jump, Kleinhenz had the second best height of 4-11.

Taking second were the 400 shuttle hurdles (Anna Boezi, Kern, Deanna Rohlfs, Hannah Stegemann), 1:06.82; the 800 relay (Leah Harnish, Trinity Hurd, Amaya McCoy, Kara Steinke), 1:49.12; the shot put (Tatyana Green, Day’onna Harris, Amaya McCoy); the discus (Ebony Six, Kleinhenz, Lena Walker); and the long jump (Snider, Kleinhenz, Duff).

In the discus, Six had the second best throw of 105-5 and Kleinhenz had the third best throw of 98-9.

Finishing third were the 6,400 relay (Lily Zimmerman, Claire Harju, Kara Enneking, Allison Ungariser), 25:50.62; the pole vault (Ally Wolfe, Brooke Craft, Chloe Gillig) and the discus (Harris, Sarah Castaneda), Green).

Winning for Miami East was the discus (Annika Paton, Shelby Preston, Lana McAdams).

Paton had the overball best throw of 118-7.

Taking third for Miami East were the 3,200 relay (Kyley Davey, Lindi Snodgrass, Maryn Gross, Kennedee Elifritz), 10:00.52; the shot put (Paton, Mady Latimer, Preston); and the high jump (Kylee McKinney, Anna Rowling, Kinley Lavender).

Winning for the Troy boys was the 1,600 sprint medley (Creighton Verceles, Willie Ritchey, Evan Johns, Gavin Hutchinson), 3:44.26.

Tying for first was the high jump (Jack Kleinhenz, Creighton Verceles, Jarod Barnhart).

Kleinhenz had the best jump overall of 20-9 1-2.

Taking second were the 6,400 relay (Kyle McCord, Matthew Spayde, Hutchinson, Braden Coate), 14:57.36; the 440 shuttle hurdles (Antonio Gonzalez, Aidan Coleman, Kleinhenz, Braeden Verceles), 1:06.37; the 400 relay (Evan Jones, JJ McCoy, Colin Stoltz, Will Wolke), 44.93; the 4,000 distance medley relay (Spayde, Hutchinson, McCord, Will Schaefer), 11:51.02; the shot put (Devon Strobel, Max Chipley, Parker Nichols); and the discus (Strobel, Kyle Knorpp, Austin Zapfe).

Strobel had the best throw in the discus, 146-11.

Finishing third was the 800 relay (Luke Harnish, Stoltz, Creighton Verceles, Braeden Verceles), 1:33.66; the shot put (Cameron Allison, Zach King, Joe Cusick); the discus (Yancarlo Fuentes, Allison, Alan Sutherly); the high jump (Barnhart, Braeden Verceles); and the pole vault (Ethan Martin, Gabe Cusick).

Barnhart tied for the best jump in the high jump, clearing 5-7. Verceles also cleared 5-7.

Martin had the best vault in the pole vault, clearing 13-0.

Winning for Miami East was the 4,000 distance medley relay, 11:51.01; the 1,600 relay, 3:29.01; and the pole vault (Josh Amheiser, AJ Ary, Drake Bennett).

Amheiser had the second best vault, 12-6; and Ary had the third best vault, 12-6.

Taking second were the 3,200 relay, 8:55.56; the 1,600 sprint medley relay, 3:47.78; and the high jump (Mitchel Kemp, Thad Slone, John Kemp).

Finishing third were the 6,400 relay, 20:07.88; and the long jump (Mitchel Kemp, John Kemp, Dylan Barnes).

Franklin Invitational

FRANKLIN — The Piqua boys won the meet and girls finished fifth.

Jasiah Medley swept the 100, 11.14 and 200, 22.60.

Also winning was the 400 relay (Garrett Brown, Roman Medley, Jasiah Medley, Bryson Roberts), 43.19.

Taking second were Giovanni Barron, 110 hurdles, 17.09 and long jump, 18-5 1-4; Ryan Brown, 100, 11.47; Jesse Furman, 800, 2:06.94; Braden Holtvogt, 3,200, 11:11.83; Mason Osborne, discus, 122-2; and Caleb Lyons, shot put, 44-8 1-2.

Finishing third were Noah Burgh, 1,600, 4:53.15; Elijah Frazier, 300 hurdles, 44.56 and the 800 relay, 1:35.58.

Camilla Nicholas led the girls, sweeping the 100, 12.52; and 200, 25.52.

The 400 relay (Brianna Coy, Mya Evans, Dvaya Cooper, Alaina Hubley) finished second, 56.11.

Tipp Invitational

TIPP CITY — The Tippecanoe boys and girls track and field teams swept the Tippecanoe Invitational Saturday.

Bethel boys were fourth and Bethel girls were second.

Grayson Ring had a big day for the Tippecanoe boys.

He won the 100, 11.71; 200, 23.0 and high jump, 6-0.

Mason Hughes swept the discus, 122-9 and shot put, 37-7 1-2.

Also winning for Tipp were Ben Huber, 1,600, 4:58.97; Charlie Stueve, 400, 52.85; Dylan Taylor, 3,200, 11:04.35; Oliver Murray, pole vault, 12-0; the 400 relay, 44.56; the 800 relay, 8:37.10; the 1,600 relay, 3:44.53; and the 3,200 relay, 9:20.91.

Taking second were Gavin Garlitz, 110 hurdles, 16.17 and 300 hurdles, 44.0; Zach Butera, 100, 11.99 and long jump, 20-1; Landon Luginbuhl, 400, 53.88; Huber, 800, 2:23.80; William Hept, 3,200, 11:27.36; Alex Burkey, shot put, 36-7 1-2; and Connor Murphy, pole vault, 10-6.

Finishing third were Griffin Caldwell, 110 hurdles, 16.94 and 300 hurdles, 44.11; John Miller, 400, 54.98; Ethan Berning, 3,200, 11:31.97; Christopher Preece, high jump, 5-2; discus, 92-10 and shot put, 25-8 1-4; and Jessie Tipton, pole vault, 8-6.

Winning for Bethel was Bryce Schweikhardt, 800, 2:18.52.

Taking second were Austin Hawkins, 1,600, 5:00.14 and the 3,200 relay, 10:02.74.

Finishing third were Ashton Goodwin, 800, 2:27.06; and the 800 relay, 1:54.06.

Kelsey McClurg led Tipp girls, sweeping the 100 hurdles, 16.46 and 300 hurdles, 48.61.

Also winning were Gracie Wead, 1,600, 5:59.85; Alex Foster, 400, 62.12; Gracie Ganger, 800, 2:40.48; Leda Anderson, 3,200, 13:25.74; Charlene Ballard, long jump, 15-1 1-2; Emma Hanrahan, pole vault, 8-0; the 400 relay, 51.65 and the 1,600 relay, 4:32.08.

Taking second were Allie Garlitz, 100 hurdles, 18.30; Maddi Moran, 100, 13.53 and 200, 28.24; Olivia Wilson, 300 hurdles, 53.13; Libby Krebs, 3,200, 13:29.55; Allie Garlitz, long jump, 14-5; Zara Gillenwater, pole vault, 8-0; and the 3,200 relay, 12:02.56.

Alissa Magoto tied for second in the high jump 4-8.

Finishing third were Wilson, 100 hurdles, 18.66; Magoto, 200, 28.56; and Genevieve Roberts, discus, 76-5.

Winning for Bethel was the 3,200 relay (Lydia Brannan, Kylie Balkcom, Julie Sebastian, Kelsie Dallas), 11:39.14.

Taking second were Balkcom, 1,600, 6:17.56; Brannan, 800, 2:56.22;

Carlie Federle tied for second in the high jump, 4-8.

Finishing third were Addison Cox, shot put, 25-8 1-2 and Sarah Newton, pole vault, 7-0.

Bulldog Classic

WEST MILTON — The Milton-Union boys finished fifth in the Bulldog Classic, Lehman was eighth and Troy Christian was 10th.

Winning for Milton-Union was Ray Copeland, 110 hurdles, 18.01 and high jump, 6-2.

Taking second was Copeland,300 hurdles, 43,41.

Finishing third were Blake Brumbaugh, 100, 11.51; Will Johns, 300 hurdles, 46.84; Andrew Collins, pole vault, 13-0; the 400 relay (Brumbaugh, Collins, Michael Elman, Payton Mayfield), 45.91; and the 800 relay (Collins, Connor Gibson, Mayfield, Elam), 1:38.81.

Michael McFarland led Lehman, taking second in the discus, 150-1 and shot put, 43-0.

Milton-Union girls finished second, Lehman was seventh and Troy Christian was eighth.

Jenna Brumbaugh led Milton-Union, sweeping the 200, 28.18 and 400, 62.28.

Also winning was Annie Smith, 100, 13.61.

Taking second were Smith, 100 hurdles, 16.95; and Sydney Coleman, discus, 101-11 and shot put, 32-7 1-4.

Finishing third were Smith, long jump, 14-11 3-4; Maddie Stasiak, 1,600, 6:08.40; and the 3,200 relay (Kami Schatz, Stasiak, Savanna Smith, Phoebe Ortiz), 10:49.10.

Lehman was led by second-place finishes from Daria Lee, high jump, 5-0 and Caroline Wesner, long jump, 15-8.

Taking third was Mara O’Leary, 300 hurdles, 51.44.

Hope Carroll led Troy Christian with a second-place finish in the 400, 63.04.

Finishing third were Kydle Scales, 100, 13.85; the 400 relay (Lise Parker, Meghan Swartz, Lauren Rutkowski, Alaina Rogers), 55.04 and the 1,600 relay (Swartz, Rutkowski, Carroll, Anna Davis), 4:32.32.

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