Edison State honors graduating Class of 2022


SIDNEY — Edison State Community College recognized the achievements of the Class of 2022 during its 47th annual commencement ceremony held on Friday, May 13, at the Piqua Campus.

“We are proud of you, and we hope that this ceremony will become a treasured memory,” Edison State President Dr. Doreen Larson told graduates. “Today’s graduation ceremony is very special. It gives us the opportunity to recognize the achievements of our graduates and to thank all of those who have worked side by side with these students to help them achieve their goals amid ongoing challenges.”

The commencement ceremony included a student keynote speaker, Jared Dunn of Camden, Ohio. Dunn is graduating with an Associate of Science in Agriculture and an Agribusiness Certificate and is the first agriculture graduate from Edison State at Eaton. He will be transferring to Ohio State University in Columbus this fall to continue his education.

Dunn opened his speech by discussing the specific rules of a Scantron test — including always staying inside the lines and using a No. 2 pencil — and how he would doodle in the margins of his test, “deeming the test null and void.”

“We’re told that if we ever color outside the lines, then we’ll ultimately be rejected,” Dunn said. “We’re taught that we must be perfect, follow every rule.”

However, Dunn encouraged fellow graduates to color outside the lines anyway, as the right people will appreciate the results.

“I still struggle with staying inside the lines,” said Dunn. “I ask myself, am I marking the wrong boxes, or am I marking the boxes wrong? If I’m marking the wrong boxes, I need to find the right boxes. I realize now that my doodles are not wrong but simply misplaced.”

Dunn finished his speech by urging graduates to celebrate together.

President Emeritus Dr. Kenneth A. Yowell, who served as Edison State’s president for 23 years, also attended the commencement ceremony. During his tenure as President, Dr. Yowell established the Business and Industry Center and The Edison Foundation, as well as opened the College’s Greenville location.

The Class of 2022 includes 449 graduates earning 657 degrees and certificates. Degrees and certificates completed include those in career and transfer programs such as arts, business, communication, engineering and manufacturing, health sciences, humanities, information technology, mathematics, science, and social and public services.

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